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Meet the Team

Andy McLean

Andy is Patrick’s best friend. Andy is a visionary. Always has been. This innate quality has attracted people to Andy his whole life. The ability to communicate that vision is even more valuable and Andy has a unique ability to not only communicate his vision but to make people believe. Andy’s past career years were spent creating a large seniors healthcare system from scratch. This taught him valuable entrepreneurial skills and leadership qualities, but the most important part of this work wasn’t with the dollar and cents of running a business, it was from the senior community he worked with. Many lessons were learned listening to the greatest generation share their life stories. One of the most important lessons was don’t squander the sacrifices made to create the space that allows us to chase our dreams. Chase your dream, do good for people and for the planet. That is a lesson Andy has taken to heart and the guiding ethos of Storm Trees. We can all believe in that.
- bio written by Patrick

Andy McLean's Family

Patrick Hughley
Partner & COO

Patrick is Andy's best friend and business partner.  He is a connector. He has a gift for establishing trust and instilling confidence almost immediately in every relationship he forms. His ability to listen, learn and then figure out how to help forms the foundation of his leadership style and is amongst the reasons why most everyone who interacts with him quickly considers him a friend. With a master’s degree in global affairs from NYU and over a decade of experience in the energy industry, Patrick has refined his ability to take large-scale, ambitious projects from concept to completion in a manner which leaves all stakeholders not only content but eager to maintain a long-term working relationship.  At Storm Trees, these innate and acquired traits, amongst countless others, form the engine of our company. He brings vision to life.

- bio written by Andy

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