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Image by Nicola Pavan

The Story of Storm Trees

One day a tree fell during a storm... It was the tree that changed everything. It was the tree that would lead to the recognition of a profound disconnect between the management of urban wood “waste” and the value and beauty of the materials being characterized as such.  A perfect storm brought about by the prevalence of tree disease, urban and suburban development and the saturation of the mulch market has simultaneously created both a problem and an opportunity.  Municipalities and private companies tasked with the management of trees that come down face unprecedented volume and cost associated with the disposal of this waste.  Because of this there is both appetite and growing momentum amongst urban forestry professionals to think differently about other avenues for disposal. 

Storm Trees, Locally Salvaged Timber is obtaining downed trees and redeploying them as usable building materials, but this is merely the beginning of our story. Wood is a natural carbon sequestration vehicle.  Storm Trees quantifies every board foot produced and quantifies by species, the carbon and carbon dioxide stored within those board feet.  We then report this data back to municipalities, tribal organizations and private companies to aid their carbon and sustainability goals in addition to our own.

The goal of Storm Trees is not to simply build a successful company but to create an industry spawned from what was once classified as waste.  We believe that we are pioneers in this industry but we will hold no intellectual property, no patents.  Instead we will share our learning with anyone who cares to join us in our quest to optimize a largely untapped natural resource.

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