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Reclaiming and redeploying locally downed trees into high-quality hardwood products

At Storm Trees, we give downed trees from our community a second life.  Our rough sawn and surfaced lumber, live-edge slabs and custom offerings are sourced exclusively from locally salvaged timber.

Locally Salvaged Timber

"Waste" from urban forests has the potential to comprise 30% of the annual hardwood consumption in the US. 

At Storm Trees, we partner with local governments, forestry professionals and tree services to divert downed trees from the chipper and dump sites. Instead, converting locally salvaged timber into valuable wood products that can be reused and redeployed. 

With the premise that we need go no further than our own backyards to find the natural materials that create our living environments, the Storm Trees model is truly local, aiming for "less than 100 miles on a truck" from standing tree to installed product.

Our Impact

Trees naturally sequester carbon, capturing and storing the carbon that impacts our climate. At Storm Trees, we are committed to quantifying the carbon storage from every board foot of lumber we produce.


By tracking species type, original tree location and benefiting from highly localized transportation, Storm Trees is able to provide critical carbon impact visibility through published reports for our sourcing and buying partners.

Storm Trees localized approach offers production and distribution efficiencies while also greatly minimizing the carbon footprint of our operations and product offerings. 

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